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David Ray Smith
     I graduated from the University of South Florida in the spring of 2016 earning my Bachelors in Studio Art. Currently I teach Art at Bay point Middle School in St. Petersburg FL.
     My early art practices were focused mostly in photography, but my interest in ceramics has always been present. While at USF my art practice shifted from Photography to Ceramics and I began combining graphics and images into functional pottery. I grew up during the 80’s and 90’s and was bombarded with visual representations from all over thanks to the introduction of mass media and the birth of the Internet. The culture of the times influenced the visual aesthetic I use today. I have always felt a close connection to ceramics. I create both functional and sculptural art and work in a variety of different mediums. My roots in ceramics came from my Grandmother who was also a potter in Ohio while I did not know it at the time her use of traditional functional pottery in her daily life, would transcend in to mine. I create work to be used every day to bring people together and to be enjoyed for its visual and aesthetic qualities.




2013 - 2016 University of South Florida

2009-2013   St. Petersburg College


Exhibitions & Festivals 

2022 Creator of The Quarter Gallery 3833

2022 Pava Kool Art Show

2021 PAVA Kool Art Show

2016 "We're Not Dead", William & Nancy Oliver Gallery

2015 Black Box Gallery, University of South Florida

2013 Juried Show, St.Petersburg College

2012 Student Photography Show, St. Petersburg College

2012 Juried Show, St. Petersburg College 

2011 "Paradolia", West Tampa Center of Arts

2011 Student Photography Show, St. Petersburg College

2010 Juried Show, St. Petersburg College

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